Affiliate Program

Minano Drinking Water is a type of organic reduced water that adopts the concept of ‘Return-To-Origin’, using the ARTech technology to return water molecules to their original pure state, with the enhancement of ‘cellular memory’ (37.5°C  body temperature, 9.35mm and 0.003-0.004watt/cm2) to strengthen cellular activity during consumption.
We would love to partner with you and encourage all interested person or websites to apply to our affiliate program.

District Distributor / Dealer

Security Deposit: RM50,000 and sign agreement

Terms & Conditions:
- Required warehouse, estimated 20 to 40 feet container space
- In charge delivery to retail outlet or online agent
- Cash term
- Support retail outlet event and activity

Retail Outlet

Security Deposit: Sign agreement

Terms & Conditions:
- Cash term
- Create event and activity

Online Agent

Security Deposit: Sign agreement and minimum
order for 30 cartons at first

Terms & Conditions:
- Cash term
- Hand in individual testimonial